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  • Blue Blocking Amber Glasses for Sleep - BioRhythm Safe(TM) - Nighttime Eye Wear - Special Orange Tinted Glasses Help You Sleep and Relax Your Eyes

    The Secret "Sleep Hack" of High Performers It's amazing how many top level entrepreneurs and "A" listers use blue blocking glasses at night. Up until recently, it has been a closely guarded performance secret. But how do they work? Blue Light at Night Blue light exposure at night has been proven time and time again to be disastrous to your body's internal clockwork. Your body tracks the time of day with special receptors in the eye that sense light levels. They are extremely sensitive to blue light. This is a problem because any blue light exposure after dark creates conflicting signals. Your biorhythms can become fragmented and distorted. Not Good... The Disruption Zone While the body is sensitive to higher levels of all visible light, the range of 450 - 510nm is by FAR the most disruptive. BioRhythm Safe: The New Orange Standard Most blue blocking glasses are not suitable for nighttime eyewear. The claim of blocking 99.9% blue light is meaningless if the full Disruption Zone is not included. Our glasses are specifically designed to block light in this range. By establishing these parameters we are setting a new standard that we hope other manufactures will follow. Virtual Darkness By blocking 99.8% of light in the Disruption Zone, we are creating a personal bubble of "virtual ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Spectra479
    • ASIN: B01GSFTX08
    • UPC: 764804393798
    • Part No: unknown

  • Cyxus Computer Blue Light Filter Vintage Retro Glasses, Anti Eye Strain Eyewear UV Headaches Lightweight Frame Eyeglasses TR90 (8107Y10,Tortoise)

    Protect Your Eyes Digital screens release a form of invisible blue light.Blue Light is desirable to device manufacturers because of its efficiency and power. Cyxus can effectively block harmful blue light, which can lead to digital eye fatigue and eye strain. Great for alleviating visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of fixing on the phone, web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights. UV Protection You can get a painful burn on the front of your eye from the reflections of UV rays and sunlight. UV exposure will accelerate the aging of the eye, resulting in your old age when cataract. Our glasses can help protect your eyes from UV rays damage. Improving Sleeping People who use their devices before bed have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. Cyxus glasses work by blocking the blue light rays you are exposed to from your devices, you can still enjoy your device from the comfort of your bed and get a restful deeper sleep. The Lenses are characterized by high transparency, resistance to scratch, anti-collision, ultra-thinness and lightness as well as anti-glare. Cyxus glasses not only can block blue light/UV, eyes protection, you can also play a very good decorative effect, so you extraordinary temperament, quiet demeanor. These glasses all...

    • Color: 8107y10,tortoise
    • Brand: Cyxus
    • ASIN: B0199UAKTM
    • UPC: 602258823761
    • Part No: CYSPUS075

  • Flying Fisherman 7812BA

    Since the early 1900's famous names in fishing like zane Grey and ernest hemingway have focused worldwide attention on light tackle sport fishing in the Florida keys. Today, the keys are a mecca for all types of anglers....from bridge fishermen to United States presidents. It's here in the Florida keys that Flying fisherman sunglasses were born in 1985 out of necessity to provide quality, affordable polarized eyewear for sport fishing enthusiasts and professionals. Our line of sunglasses and Sportswear is designed by fishermen, for fishermen, and put to the test every day under intense conditions by some of the best sport fishing guides in the world . . . Professionals that make their living guiding anglers to some of the greatest sport fishing opportunities in continental America. These tournament Champions, along with millions of satisfied customers worldwide, have Dubbed Flying fisherman the Pro's choice.

    • Color: Matte Black Frames/Amber Lenses
    • Brand: Flying Fisherman
    • ASIN: B000QW4EOA
    • UPC: 698616083199
    • Part No: 101574

  • Best Design Sunglasses Clips Wo Drivers Driving Night Vision Goggles Can Be Flipped, Security Sun Glasses - Sunglasses On Amber, Pcs Sunglasses, Sunglasses Polarized In Everything Else

    【 Professional for Sunglasses Clips Wo Drivers Driving Night Vision Goggles Can Be Flipped - Best Price Sunglasses Clips Wo Drivers Driving Night Vision Goggles Can Be Flipped】It can benefit you in purchasing options, You Should to:Check the price tag on Sunglasses Clips Wo Drivers Driving Night Vision Goggles Can Be Flipped before obtain any store. You must to selected and acquired from reliable outletCheck features and other of Sunglasses Clips Wo Drivers Driving Night Vision Goggles Can Be Flipped that suit in your case requireCheck some time for guaranty of Sunglasses Clips Wo Drivers Driving Night Vision Goggles Can Be FlippedThe key steps are check cost, condition of pre-order and value recommendation. The Sunglasses Clips Wo Drivers Driving Night Vision Goggles Can Be Flipped are right and appropriate that you just demandLook in to the step of solutions to transportation and just how to disbursementLastly, I hope that this reviews concerning this product will be useful!.❤❤❤Scroll and click Add to Cart to purchase this product.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Newbie Forever
    • ASIN: B07X6G4HNP
    • UPC: 707209132937

  • Amber Blue Light Blocking Glasses - with UV400 Sun Protection, Anti-Glare Night time Eyewear for A Zen-Like Sleep, Reduce Fatigue and Eyestrain, Alleviate Headache

    Phones, computers, TVs and other screens are very hard to get away from, however artificial blue light emitted by digital devices makes your eyes work incredibly hard and we've often found we'll end the day with tight eye strain, pounding headaches and a restless sleep. Exposure to blue light at night is even more dangerous as it blasts melatonin production, mess up circadian rhythm and in a long-term is linked to several types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease.What can you do to diminish the impact of blue rays...Use blue light blocking glasses: the glasses can drastically reduce your exposure to harmful blue light emitted by digital devices.Take breaks: taking frequent breaks to look at faraway objects found to reduce eye strain symptoms.Blink often: blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation.Keep distance: sit about 25 inches, or arm's length, from the computer screen.Our blue light blocking glasses...✔ Provide nearly 100% protection against harmful blue light radiation, which means ...Clear MindVisual ClarityHeadache Free DaysNo More Eye TensionNaturally Deep SleepEnergized and Refreshed Mornings✔ Not just Blue blocking... As well as the multitude of blue blocking benefits you'll experience they're perfect for blocking the sun as they are UV400 protect...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Hilevica
    • ASIN: B07J4833XC
    • UPC: 704751535254

  • Solar Shield Fits-Over SS Polycarbonate II Amber Sunglasses, 50-15-125mm

    Solar Shield II polycarbonate Amber fit-overs are ideal for individuals with cataracts. Each lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens ensures 100% UVA/UVB protection & exceeds the strictest UV blocking requirements (ANSI Z80.3-1996). SIZE: 50-15-125mm

    • Color: Amber
    • Brand: Solar Shield Fits-Over
    • ASIN: B000LWJCJW
    • UPC: 767644233828
    • Part No: 29008A

  • Flying Fisherman San Jose Polarized Sunglasses with AcuTint UV Blocker for Fishing and Outdoor Sports

    FLYING FISHERMAN. Launched in 1985, Flying Fisherman Polarized Sunglasses are designed and tested in the diverse, harsh conditions of the Florida Keys. Top sport fishing professionals assist every day in field testing and developing new products before they get the Flying Fisherman brand. COPPER FRAMES, AMBER LENS. These medium-fit sunglasses offer both style and performance with a lightweight yet durable polycarbonate frame and scratch resistant polarized lenses. Protect your eyes from the sun, fishing lures, hooks and anything else life may throw at you. TRUSTED AccuTint LENSES. Flying Fisherman’s AccuTint sun lens system offers the most effective lens tints in the color spectrum to enhance color contrast, reduce eye strain and eliminate glare. It’s what allows each pair of sunglasses – and the men and women who wear them - to perform their best under any condition. AFFORDABLE POLARIZED EYEWEAR. Flying Fisherman Polarized Sunglasses are rated #1 for quality and value by anglers worldwide. Developed and field tested in the Florida Keys by fishermen, for fishermen, these sunglasses offer unbeatable comfort, clarity and performance both on and off the water. 1 YEAR LIMITED .

    • Color: Amber Lenses
    • Brand: Flying Fisherman
    • ASIN: B0041FVR9I
    • UPC: 013578103585
    • Part No: 7789CA

  • Fly Fish Sunglasses Fatham Tortoise Amber 7793TA

    AcuTint Lens Coloring System adds color contrast without distorting natural colors, allowing you to see more clearly.

  • Flying Fisherman Spector Tortoise Frame Amber Lens Sunglass

    Flying Fisherman Spector Sunglasses are a flexible wrap-around sunglass that is super comfortable and lightweight, with sporty, semi-rimless styling, vented brow pads and non slip nose and temple pads. Polarized lenses eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue. Polarized Triacetate lenses are impact and scratch resistant, lightweight and durable. AcuTint lens coloring system adds color contrast without distorting natural colors, allowing you to see more clearly. 100 percent protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

  • Hornz Pink Camouflage Polarized Sunglasses for Women Rhinestone Accents & Free Matching Microfiber Pouch - Pink Camo Frame - Amber Lens

    Hornz Pink Camo Sunglasses provide you with the style and quality you are looking for in a pair of camouflage sunglasses, comparable to the expensive brand name sunglasses, but with great prices. Hornz Pink Camo Sunglasses were designed with southern women in mind. The arms have a stunning pink camo pattern and rhinestones near the temples that sparkle and shine in the sunlight. The plastic nose piece make these sunglasses make it easy to push them up onto your head without pulling your hair. Perfect for the fashion conscience outdoor woman. All Hornz Camo Sunglasses are made with the highest quality materials. Lenses are always polarized, polycarbonate, shatter proof, scratch resistant, and UV400, offering the best protection for your eyes. The camouflage pattern is fused to the frame of the sunglasses, not paintor a decal, meaning your sunglasses will never peel or fade. The polycarbonate frame is strong and durable. Take your Hornz Sunglasses mudding, hunting, fishing, or to

  • 3 Pair Aviator Blue Blocker Sunglasses Amber Lens Driving Glasses Eyewear Shades

    3X Pairs Pilot Blue Blocker Sunglasses Amber Lens Driving Glasses Eyewear Shades !! These are great for parties, hanging out or just something different with a vintage feel.Blocks blue rays and has 100% UV protection.A true classic, great as casual wear for eye protection.General purpose Excellent for costume parties and theme parties. A = 5.5 inches across temples B = 2 inches lens heightC = 5.25 inches sidesD = 0.75 inches across nose bridge

  • Mens Rectangular Blue Buster Amber Lens HD Half Rim Sport Sunglasses Black

    Men's baseball half rim sports warp sunglasses. (7060bbk)

  • MLC Eyewear 'Cassia' Rimless Rectangle Fashion Sunglasses in Amber

    Our sunglasses feare UV400 Lens Technology, absorbing over 99% of harmful UVA and UVB spectrums. Color options: Style: Rectangle Model: NGW3104-BEGAMFrame: NoneLens color: AmberProtection: UV400Nose pads: AdjustableIncludes: One stretchable microfiber pouchDimensions: Lens 56mm x Bridge 18mm x Arms 140mm, Lens Height 40mmCountry of origin: CHNDisclaimer: Custom-made

  • Maxx Sunglasses Cobra HDP White Frame Amber Lens

    Maxx Sunglasses Cobra HDP White Frame Amber Lens ..Authorized dealer-warranty is valid.