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  • LEI Dreamer Women's Multi-color Cute Charm and Attractive Color Eye Enhancer Multi-color Shadow, The Most Natural Eye Color Change (Gray)

    How to clean:  1. Wash your hands and dry, left hand flat, palms up, gently bend up to bowl-like, and then put the contact lenses on the palm, put 5~8 drops of care solution.  2. The right hand index finger gently press the contact lens opposite clockwise or counterclockwise turn 30 times, and put it in a box for a new care solution. 

    • Brand: LEI Dreamer
    • ASIN: B07VWCDW7B
    • UPC: 791309360239
    • Part No: EWC-174

  • Contact Lens Cases, 12 Pack - Assorted Separate Colors for Left/Right Eyes - Durable, Compact, Portable, Bulk Supply - by Optix 55

    Always keep your good eyes with you at all times with Optix 55! Our premium contacts carrying case keeps your lenses perfectly intact for whenever you need them! A massive 12 pack so you get a year's worth of lens protection and convenient transportation with your contacts.PRODUCT FEATURES Durable Contact Lens Carrying Cases 12 Pack Assorted Colors Easy-to-Identify Left/Right Tops Lightweight Construction Compact to Fit AnywhereOPTIMAL PROTECTION FOR YOUR CONTACTSOne of the worst things you can do with your contacts is leave them exposed to bacteria. Many cases don't keep your lenses secure and can allow some remnants of the outside world inside. Sometimes you frequently need to switch off between contacts, glasses, or no eyewear mode constantly throughout your day and just need a reliable place to keep your contacts perfectly clean. Our contacts provide ultimate closure to keep lenses safe from anything. A durable construction allows for protection when you accidentally drop them.LONG LASTING SUPPLYMany optometrists suggest you change your lens cases every month to ensure superior hygiene for your eyes. That's why we offer you with a year's worth of cases so you get the most from one order! An assortment of colors with each individual cap on each so you can easily distinguish wh...

    • Brand: Optix 55
    • ASIN: B07JG8ZYWF
    • UPC: 819054024548

  • Women's multi-color cute charm and attractive color eye enhancer multi-color shadow, the most natural eye color change (Brown)

    Specifications: Color : Quantity: 2 Pcs Validity: One Year Gender: Women Features: 1.The product is made of high quality materials. 2.Keep it clean no matter when use it before or end. 3.After each use, you need to change the care solution and clean it. Using tip: 1.You must clean it at first, because the lens inside the bottle is filled with saline. 2.Then use the new care solution soak for about 12 hours. 3.After that, clean it and then use it. 4.After each use, you need to change the care solution and clean it. How to clean: 1. Wash your hands and dry, left hand flat, palms up, gently bend up to bowl-like, and then put the contact lenses on the palm, put 5~8 drops of care solution. 2. The right hand index finger gently press the contact lens opposite clockwise or counterclockwise turn 30 times, and put it in a box for a new care solution. Note: Before use and after the use of it, please soak it with care solution, if you do not use for a long time, please put it in the box soak with care solution, replace the care solution every three days.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: FGGGHTD
    • UPC: 785046703633
    • Part No: FGGGHTD

  • Contact Lens Case, Color Case, Value Pack (Pack of 12)

    Color Case contact lens cases are America's #1 contact lens case. Color Case lens cases are perfect for hard lenses and soft lenses ( hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses ). Made from the highest quality standards, Color Case screw top contact cases come in a wonderful variety of fun colors. Color Case pack of 12 cases comes in a convenient clear plastic jar / tub with an easy open and close top making it easy to start a fresh new case at least monthly. Research shows that contact lens cases grow heavy bacteria after just 2 weeks of use. Your best line of defense is to replace your case often. Here is an easy way to remember. If you wear 14 day or 30 day contact lenses, replace your case when you start a fresh pair of lenses. Color Case Pack of 12 is a tremendous value so that it is affordable to replace your case often. And Color Case cases are recyclable. Rest assured that these storage cases are America's best #1 selling contact lens cases.

    • Color: Mixed
    • Brand: Color Case America's #1 Contact Lens Case
    • ASIN: B019D17ULS
    • UPC: 897522001451
    • Part No: cc60-0515

  • iCOLOUR Color Changing Eye Drops - Change Your Eye Color Naturally - 1 Month Supply - 9 mL (Light Green)

    COLOR CHANGING EYE DROPS iCOLOUR is delighted to offer you our revolutionary color changing eye drops. These color enhancing eye drops have been scientifically designed to slowly and safely change your natural eye color to the shade, and hue, of your choice. Say goodbye to hard, dry, colored contact lenses and enjoy semi-permanent change with these color enhancer drops.NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS Choose from a vast and growing selection of 16 different colors and shades to find the perfect color for you, based on your personal choice. All of the beautiful eye colors we offer are naturally occurring, thus ensuring to give you an all natural and realistic look. Something you cannot get with cosmetic contacts.SAFELY BLOCKS MELANIN PRODUCTION The active ingredient in iCOLOUR works as a safe, natural melanin blocker. This ingredient is commonly found in creams and lotions for skin lightening. We have successfully formulated this ingredient for ocular absorbtion. Once absorbed through the ocular surface iCOLOUR begins to block the production of melanin by inhibiting the activation of key enzymes. This action results in a gradual decrease of your melanin levels which is what ultimately causes the change in eye color.PERFECT FOR EVERYONE Our specially formulated drops have been designed to b...

    • Color: Light Green
    • Brand: iCOLOUR
    • ASIN: B074W2554S
    • UPC: 761856481336
    • Part No: NAG5859 Light Green

  • Elcoho 24 Pack Contact Lens Cases Contact Lens Holder Box Left/Right Eyes Contact Lens Container, 6 Colors (Red, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Blue)

    Specifications: Material: plastic Size: 5.9 x 2.8 x 1.3 cm Quantity: 24 pieces Package includes: 24 x Contact lens cases

    • Color: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Blue
    • Brand: Elcoho
    • ASIN: B07PMHHH7C
    • UPC: 725756612948

  • U-Lens Contact Case Carrier Color: Black

    480430-040 Color: Black Features: -Translating an iconic look onto one of the most non-descript medical accessories. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 1.85'' H x 2.5'' W x 3.75'' D.

  • (2 Pack) Equate Saline Solution For Sensitive Eyes, 12 Oz, 2 Pk

    Care for your contact lenses with this sterile Equate Saline Solution. It makes an ideal addition to your daily care routine for cleaning and maintaining your contact lenses. This saline solution for sensitive eyes comes in a convenient two pack of 12 oz bottles. Keep a bottle at home and one with you while on the go or on vacation. This item rinses and stores your contact lenses so that they are fresh and sanitary when you put them on again the next morning. Use it to store your contact lenses after disinfecting them with a disinfectant (not included). Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.