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  • Deptford Township (NJ) (Images of America)

    Located just outside Philadelphia, Deptford Township has progressed from a sleepy agricultural community to an important Gloucester County town in the last century. Known mainly for its pig farms and ice production in its early days, Deptford remained rural until after World War II, when residential building exploded and local malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and other commercial development put the community on the map. Deptford Township explores this area's history with tales of Revolutionary War scout and hero Jonas Cattell, who was born and buried in Deptford, and the Clement Oak, under which the Lenni Lenape held council meetings. Locally, the logo of a hot-air balloon celebrates North America's first aerial flight, which took place in 1793, when Jean Pierre Blanchard traveled fifteen miles from Philadelphia to land forty-six minutes later in a clearing on Clements Bridge Road. Also included are images of Deptford Day and the notorious honey hunt, a fundraiser held for the Almonesson fire department in the 1930s and 1940s.

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  • 1971 Original Magazine Print Ad #1 Imperial Fire Apparatus DEPTFORD NJ FIRE DEPT

    This ORIGINAL Vintage Magazine Ad measures approx. 11" x 11" and is in EXCELLENT condition! We will be listing nearly 10,000 original and vintage fire and emergency services magazine advertisements over the coming weeks and months so check back often!!

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  • (Reprint) 1970 Yearbook: Deptford Township High School, Deptford, New Jersey

    This copy is a softcover reprint of a previously owned high school yearbook. Whether you no longer have your own copy or want to surprise someone with a unique gift, the memories in this yearbook are sure to make someone smile! All the pages and images are reproduced as-is, which means your copy may show handwriting or effects of aging, and that certain pages, images, or other content may be omitted, missing, or obscured. Don't miss out! Bring home a piece of your history.

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  • Who?

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  • West Deptford Patch

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  • Signature Announcements West Deptford High School (West Deptford, NJ) Graduation Announcements, Presidential style, Elite package of 25 with Gold & Blue Metallic Foil seal

    West Deptford High School “Print Your Own” Graduation Announcements, Presidential Style, Elite Package. Signature Announcements’ Presidential Tri-Panel Announcement actually opens both Up: Top panel with your Logo/Mascot; & Down: Bottom panel with your school name. When the top panel is raised, you will see a beautifully sculpted embossing of a sheild of knowledge. They are made of linen textured 92lb card stock and are Foil Stamped using sculpted dies by skilled artisans. They are the perfect size for a 3x5 graduation photo insert. Students across the country agree with you - Your Once-in-a-Lifetime event demands the highest quality, most professional announcement available! This is why our Presidential Announcements are Rated #1! You just spent four years achieving a great accomplishment. Show your friends and family how proud you are and how far you have come. Choose Signature Announcements quality to present your new image. Elite Package: Graduation Announcements (25) “Print your own”; Foil-lined inner Envelopes (25); Foil-lined outer envelopes(25); Premium Return Address Labels (25); Premium Envelope Seals (25); Premium Thank you cards with envelopes (25); Announcement Tissue (25); Certificates of Appreciation with Black Matte and Leatherette cover (2); a Souvenir ...

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  • The Deptford Trilogy : Fifth Business; The Manticore; World of Wonders

    Who killed Boy Staunton?Around this central mystery is woven a glittering, fantastical, cunningly contrived trilogy of novels. Luring the reader down labyrinthine tunnels of myth, history, and magic, "The Deptford Trilogy" provides an exhilarating antidote to a world from where "the fear and dread and splendour of wonder have been banished."

  • A Dead Man In Deptford

    A Dead Man In Deptford...

  • The Deptford Trilogy: Fifth Business The Manticore World of Wonders (Paperback)

    Books : The Deptford Trilogy: Fifth Business The Manticore World of Wonders (Paperback)

  • From Deptford to Antarctica - eBook

    Pete Wilkinson grew up in Deptford, south London, in the 50s. Somehow he got to grammar school and was spat out of the education system in 1962 with a few GCE 'O' levels and no idea of what to do with his life. The 60s rock 'n' roll scene, motor scooters and free love offered a mild distraction but, as a general malcontent, he drifted from job to job, uncertain of where life would take him. He was feisty, easy to provoke and had a fierce sense of what decency and justice should look like, qualities which found their natural home when he finally found - unlike U2, a band which would ultimately provide the justification for his jaundiced view of environmentalists - what he was looking for. Pete helped establish Friends of the Earth, leaving after suffering three years of the classism which prevented his natural campaigning flair to flourish, and then joined Greenpeace UK. He was a co-founding member and became a central figure in the UK's embryonic green movement. His friendship with the charismatic father of the modern Greenpeace phenomenon, the late David Fraser McTaggart, and his naturally strategic mind helped Wilkinson to the highest positions in the organisation from where he ran what one journalist called 'some of the most important and successful environmental campaigns of the 80s'. And they were campaigns that he and his colleagues won: radioactive waste dumping at sea, whaling, Canadian sealing, the Orkey seal cull, captive cetaceans, the fur industry, Sellafield: no company or industry was too big for Greenpeace to take on. Even Antarctica. After finally falling foul of the growing Greenpeace hierarchy, Wilkinson was despatched by Greenpeace to Antarctica where, over six consecutive seasons, their campaign succeeded in protecting the entire continent from exploitation for 50 years. This is Wilkinson's story told in his own gritty style and containing his unabridged Antarctic diaries which build into a fascinating insight into the Greenpeace world as it was, but as it is no more. Includes many campaign photographs.

  • Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Lewisham & Deptford - eBook

    The twin fascinations of death and villainy will always hold us in their grim but thrilling grip. In Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Lewisham and Deptford the chill is brought close to home as each chapter investigates the darker side of humanity in cases of murder, deceit and pure malice committed over the centuries in this area of London. From crimes of passion to opportunistic killings and coldly premeditated acts of murder, the full spectrum of criminality is recounted, bringing to life the more sinister history of Lewisham and Deptford from the sixteenth century onwards. For this journey into the bloody, neglected past, Jonathan Oates has selected over 20 notorious episodes that give a fascinating insight into criminal acts and the criminal mind. The story of one of the most famous unsolved murders in history, of the great playwright Christopher Marlowe in Deptford in 1593. is followed by a catalogue of heinous crimes of every description - political conspiracies, gang killings, murders of policemen, suicide pacts, multiple poisonings, a husband who killed his wife and four children, the suicide of a crooked councillor, a motiveless murder and two unsolved murders that are as intriguing today as they were 80 years ago. The human dramas Jonathan Oates describes are often played out in the most commonplace of circumstances, but others are so odd as to be stranger than fiction. His grisly chronicle of the hidden history of Lewisham and Deptford will be compelling reading for anyone who is interested in the dark side of human nature.

  • West Deptford

    West Deptford Township was officially incorporated on March 1, 1871, when it was separated from the much larger Deptford Township. Pioneers, drawn by fertile land and proximity to waterways and major cities, discovered that this small acreage of land was perfect for farming. These family farms grew into small family-owned businesses, attracting others wishing to begin homesteads and other companies. As time went on, clusters of family farms were transformed into small communities. Neighborhoods such as Verga, Colonial Manor, Thorofare, and Greenfields emerged. Today, West Deptford, a prideful community, is a blend of the old and new. Old family farmhouses stand proudly next to new developments. West Deptford features images and stories from many township residents.

  • Le brouillard tombe sur Deptford - eBook

    Une nouvelle enquête de l'inspecteur Ben Ross dans le Londres victorien : secondé par sa femme Lizzie, il devra cette fois innocenter un ami que tout accuse.Par une froide nuit de Novembre le docker Harry Parker trébuche sur le cadavre d'une femme dans une ruelle de Deptford. L'inspecteur Ben Ross est dépêché de Scotland Yard pour enquêter dans cette partie glauque de la ville, mais il ne trouve aucun témoin du meurtre de Mme Clifford, femme mûre de la haute société. Même Jeb Fisher, le chiffonnier du quartier, jure qu'il n'a rien vu. Pendant ce temps, Lizzie, la femme de Ben, tente d'étouffer un scandale : Edgar Wellings, un ami de la famille, souffre d'addiction au jeu et n'a aucune intention de rembourser ses dettes. Sans grande conviction, Lizzie accepte de s'entretenir avec le receveur de dette à Deptford. Arrivée chez celui-ci, elle y croise son mari venu enquêter sur le meurtre. Edgar Wellings est le dernier homme à avoir vu Mme Clifford vivante, et il a un sérieux mobile pour sa mort, mais Ben et Lizzie savent bien que dans ce genre d'affaire, la solution n'est jamais aussi simple qu'elle le parait...