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  • Jeff Bezos: The Force Behind the Brand: Insight and Analysis into the Life and Accomplishments of the Richest Man on the Planet (Billionaire Visionaries Book 1)

    ★★Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE★★Bonus #2: Get the Audiobook version for FREE from Audible! Links are included in the Kindle version.What is it about him that makes him a super achiever?What about him can turn an idea into a world-changing mega-company?What about him is like you and what isn’t?What can you learn from him? Read, and find out.The need to understand those around us who succeed beyond our own imagination is inherent in all of us. The innate desire is driven by our deep and underlying need to find better ways for us to achieve our own goals, understand our own dreams, and rise to our unique challenges. This book is about the underlying events in the life of Jeff Bezos and the ways in which it influenced his life, the way he responded to them, and in the way he used them to his advantage.The book doesn’t claim to know the fibers that made the content of his heart - no man can know that. But what it does is string together multiple events and sees the shadows that it casts.All that so that you can find the elements inside you that could be the seed of success, achievement and greatness. The story of Bezos traces a path through his life as a youth and looks at his action and his achievements and d...

    • ASIN: B079T6JN8R

  • Everything You Need to Ace Science in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School Study Guide (Big Fat Notebooks)

    It’s the revolutionary science study guide just for middle school students from the brains behind Brain Quest.     Everything You Need to Ace Science . . . takes readers from scientific investigation and the engineering design process to the Periodic Table; forces and motion; forms of energy; outer space and the solar system; to earth sciences, biology, body systems, ecology, and more. The BIG FAT NOTEBOOK™ series is built on a simple and irresistible conceit—borrowing the notes from the smartest kid in class. There are five books in all, and each is the only book you need for each main subject taught in middle school: Math, Science, American History, English Language Arts, and World History. Inside the reader will find every subject’s key concepts, easily digested and summarized: Critical ideas highlighted in neon colors. Definitions explained. Doodles that illuminate tricky concepts in marker. Mnemonics for memorable shortcuts. And quizzes to recap it all. The BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS meet Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and state history standards, and are vetted by National and State Teacher of the Year Award–winning teachers. They make learning fun, and are the perfect next step for every kid who grew up on Brain Quest.  

    • Brand: Workman Publishing Company
    • ASIN: 0761160957
    • Part No: WP-16095

  • Faith and Fossils: The Bible, Creation, and Evolution

    Many books have been written on the Bible and evolution by scientists, but this volume is written by a biblical specialist. In Faith and Fossils Lester Grabbe, a prominent Hebrew Bible scholar, examines the Bible in its ancient context and explores its meaning in light of emerging scientific evidence.Journeying from the Bible Belt to the premier centers of higher education, Grabbe grapples with who we are and where we came from. Both the Bible and the fossil record raise significant questions about what it means to be human. Written in uncomplicated language and featuring spectacular full-color photographs, Faith and Fossils brings science and faith into creative conversation.

    • Brand: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co.
    • ASIN: 0802869106

  • Hiking, Climbing & Exploring Western Utah's Jack Watson's Ibex Country : The Life Stories of Jack Watson & Bob Stinson, History of Ibex, West Desert ... Hiking, Mountain Climbing and Fossil Hunting.

    This is a hiking and mountaineering guide to parts of Utah's West Desert. The West Desert is the Great Basin section, and the western third of Utah. Climbing areas are topped by Notch Peak, which has one of the highest vertical faces in the world. Also included are other high summits in the House Range, as well as Crystal Peak, made of 33-million-year-old pure-white volcanic tuff. Also, Granite Peak is made of solid white granite, but with several half-million-year old volcanos just to the north. The hiking & climbing section has 17 mapped areas. In addition to hiking & climbing, perhaps the most emphasis, at least page wise, is the life & times of a sheepman named Jack Watson. This author is related to Jack, by marriage, and after several years of begging, had the opportunity to copy Watson's 12 diaries which date from 1886. This was when Utah's sheep industry was in its infancy. In the end, Jack had a little store & hotel with post office, litterally in the middle of no where until 12/5/1935, when he crushed his hand in the gears of a BLM built well & pump, which was later amputated. His diary, plus interviews with other old timers who knew him, makes this the best account of Utah's sheep industry. Also, this book has the life story of a locally-famous hermit named Bob Stinso...

    • Brand: Kelsey Publishing Ltd
    • ASIN: 0944510132
    • Part No: 0-944510-13-2

  • Rapture of the Deep: The Art of Ray Troll

    For more than two decades, Ray Troll has been luring, hooking, and landing fans around the world with his zany, irreverent, and often surreal art. Featured in museums, galleries, and books, as well as on immensely popular T-shirts, his work―part natural history adventure and part underground comic―depicts beautiful and accurately drawn fish of all kinds, Northwest Coast totems, Freud and Darwin, fossils, resurrections of extinct animals, and much more. Rapture of the Deep collects some of Troll's best-known art along with many images never before published. The book makes powerful connections between biological diversity, the evolution of life on earth, and the careless habits of people. Rapture of the Deep celebrates Troll's vision with legendary works including "Spawn Till You Die," "Life's a Fish and Then You Fry," and "Bassackwards," in which fish use money, liquor, and literature as bait to lure humans. Troll's running commentary reveals the thought and inspiration behind his art. Writer Brad Matsen, Troll's longtime coconspirator, adds a lively introduction to the art and life of his "sole" brother.

    • ASIN: 0520239474

  • The Parents' Guide to Climate Revolution: 100 Ways to Build a Fossil-Free Future, Raise Empowered Kids, and Still Get a Good Night's Sleep

    “Relax,” writes author Mary DeMocker, “this isn’t another light bulb list. It’s not another overwhelming pile of parental ‘to dos’ designed to shrink your family’s carbon footprint through eco-superheroism.” Instead, DeMocker lays out a lively, empowering, and doable blueprint for engaging families in the urgent endeavor of climate revolution. In this book’s brief, action-packed chapters, you’ll learn hundreds of wide-ranging ideas for being part of the revolution — from embracing simplicity parenting, to freeing yourself from dead-end science debates, to teaching kids about the power of creative protest, to changing your lifestyle in ways that deepen family bonds, improve moods, and reduce your impact on the Earth. Engaging and creative, this vital resource is for everyone who wants to act effectively — and empower children to do the same.

    • ASIN: 1608684814

  • Minerals of the World (Princeton Field Guides)

    Minerals of the World is an attractive and up-to-date guide to more than 500 minerals from around the world. The succinct text--covering crystallography, properties, names and varieties, structure, diagnostic features, and occurrence--and the discussion of less common minerals not found in other guides make this an invaluable resource. With over 600 exquisite color photographs and crystallographic diagrams, this book is unequalled. It is set to become the field guide of choice for mineral collectors and students of mineralogy. The most up-to-date popular guide to minerals available Text covers crystallography, physical properties, chemical properties, names and varieties, diagnostic features, and occurrence More than 500 minerals treated with examples from around the world More than 600 superb color photographs and crystallographic diagrams Tabular overview of common minerals and their properties

    • ASIN: 069109537X
    • Part No: More than 600 color illus.

  • Fossil Women's Logan Zip Around Clutch - Midnight Navy

    Logan Zip Around Clutch is the perfect hands-free wallet for all your exciting adventures. The wrist strap detaches, keeping it versatile so no matter what your day has in store. Fun colors and add flair so you always look your best no matter the occasion. Get the wallet that is functional and fun to make every moment exciting.

  • Men's Derrick Rfid Blocking Flip Id Bifold Leather Wallet - Brown

    Fossil is known for practical and stylish accessories and Derrick Rfid Blocking Flip Id Bifold is no exception. This simple bifold wallet has just enough space for everything you need, keeping your essentials right at your fingertips. It fits easily into your pocket and the leather is durable so it wont wear down after continued use. Get the wallet that transfers easily from casual to dress so you never have to worry.

  • Fossil Fiona Multifunction Leather Wallet - Brown

    What could be better than having the perfect wallet to go with the perfect bag? With thousands of wallet options available for ladies, how is one to choose? Take a close look at this Fossil wallet. The fabulous leather is flattering for almost any personality. With 11 pockets, a woman can be rest assured that she will have plenty of room for all major credit cards.

  • Fossil Men's Elgin Card Case Leather Wallet - Brown

    This wallet is just what you need to get you through the day. Completely versatile, it fits into your pocket or purse without taking up too much space. The leather is durable so it wont fall apart after continued use and the 2 card slots provide a space for all your most important cards. Dress it up or down for any occasion so you are always prepared for anything.

  • Fossil Nev Leather Wallet - Black

    This Fossil wallet is one of a kind! With its high quality leather fabric mixed with a little class, this wallet is sure to impress everyone. The wallet holds all major credit cards and will keep you organized.

  • Fossil Men's Quinn Trifold Leather Wallet - Black

    Made for those moments when you need a wallet with a little more room, this wallet is just what you need. Quinn Trifold has 8 pockets, creating a space for all your cards and its just large enough for coins and receipts along the way. The leather is stylish and functional so you can take it anywhere.

  • Fossil Women's Fiona Tab Leather Wallet - Brown

    What could be better than having the perfect wallet to go with the perfect bag? With thousands of wallet options available for ladies, how is one to choose? Take a close look at this Fossil wallet. The fabulous leather is flattering for almost any personality. With 14 pockets, a woman can be rest assured that she will have plenty of room for all major credit cards.