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  • Hard as a Rock: A Beauty and Beast Novel (Gargoyles Series)

    The third book in New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren’s mesmerizing Gargoyles series, where even the most dangerous beast can be tamed by the woman he holds above all else…Wynn Powe comes from a long line of powerful women, but when an elusive enemy draws too close for comfort, Wynn pursues a creature who can put an end to the fight.But when the powerful Guardian she calls forth makes her heart beast faster and her breath quicken, she must handle something she didn’t count on at all―an earth-shattering attraction to the monster himself. Enter Knox. He may be a newly summoned gargoyle, but he possesses all the skills and memories of his race…and that includes protecting the beautiful woman he’s bound to. But he never could have imagined the fierce attraction that has taken hold of him, body and soul. Is his desire for Wynn worth the risk of being destroyed? “Soars with fun, witty characters and nonstop action.” ?Publishers Weekly on Stone Cold LoverDon't miss the other books in the Gargoyle series: Book #1: Heart of Stone Book #2: Stone Cold Lover Book #4: Rocked by LoveBook #5: Hard to Handle

    • ASIN: 1250012678

  • Gargoyles: Season 1

    • Brand: Buena Vista Home Video
    • ASIN: B0002W4SY0
    • UPC: 786936255980
    • Part No: 3771000

  • Design Toscano Old Studley Castle Gargoyle Sitter Statue

    Biding his time at an old country castle where nothing has happened in hundreds of years, this Medieval gargoyle will be every bit as pleased to sit around on your bookcase, mantel, or garden wall! Based upon a Gothic guardian monitoring a 16th century, neo-Norman, Gothic Revival castle in the Stratford-upon-Avon district, Old Studley has long-ago earned his keep and is relaxed enough to show it! Our collectible is cast in quality designer resin and boasts a greystone finish to capture details from muscular jaw to spiny wings. A great gift! 9½ "Wx7½ "Dx16"H. 3 lbs.

    • Color: Greystone
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B01J23PX48
    • UPC: 840798113250
    • Part No: QS222893

  • Stone Cold Lover: A Beauty and Beast Novel (Gargoyles Series)

    The second book in New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren’s breathtaking Gargoyle series. Sometimes the beast will only awake if he has an innocent woman to protect…Art restorer Felicity “Fil” Shaltis can read the magic in auras, but her fascination with a valuable statue she’s asked to locate is magical in an entirely different way. Drawn to the stone beast in a way that mystifies even her, it’s all Fil can do to keep from being enraptured by the creature’s stone form. At least, until the fierce gargoyle statue comes to life as a powerful, and powerfully hot, immortal warrior … Spar had no intention of waking unless one of the seven demons of the Dark pushed him to leave his isolation. But when a stunning, innocent woman finds herself marked by the demon, Spar is instantly drawn to her, will do anything to save her. With a looming threat to humanity on the rise, Spar has no time to fall for the woman who’s pure beauty commands his soul. But even the most fearsome beast of all doesn’t get to choose who steals his heart… “Soars with fun, witty characters and nonstop action.” ?Publishers Weekly on Stone Cold LoverDon't miss the other books in the Gargoyle series: Book #1: Heart of Stone Book #3: Hard as a Rock Book #4: Rocked by LoveBook #5: Ha...

    • ASIN: 125001266X

  • Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 2

    Join the epic struggle between good and evil as Gotham's guardians return to save humanity from the clutches of the world's most maniacal monsters. Experience over nine hours of nonstop thrills and excitement in this hard-hitting GARGOYLES collection! Fresh from their stone-cold slumber, Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn and Broadway face their greatest challenge yet when the diabolical Demona hatches a sinister plot to exterminate mankind. With the world hanging in the balance, will these legendary heroes find the strength to save the day? Get into the action with GARGOYLES: SEASON 2, VOLUME 2 on DVD!

    • Brand: Walt Disney Video
    • ASIN: B00MHT49LS
    • UPC: 786936844306
    • Part No: 12363700

  • Standard Gargoyle Decisions

    Pollard explores the punkier, Stones side of his musical personality here. In the universe where Bob explains the Freudian divisions of his psyche, he calls "Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love" his id; "Standard Gargoyle Decisions" his ego' and himself his Super Ego. 180-gram LP is limited to 1,500 copies.

    • ASIN: B000VDDBMK
    • UPC: 673855031729
    • Part No: 50317

  • Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy - PC

    Touted as the most romantic event to grace the ruined halls of Ireland's Castle Malloy, the Simmons-Mallory wedding was supposed to be a fairytale beginning, but now the groom is missing! Did a banshee crash the wedding or is this a case of cold feet? Can you, as Nancy Drew, unravel the knot of scattered clues and scary superstitions? You'll to catch more than a bridal bouquet to make this is a happily ever after! Meet The Suspects Kyler Mallory A stock broker in London who lived with Nancy's family as an exchange student four years ago. She is now engaged to Matt Simmons and is excited to hold her wedding at Castle Malloy. Her grandfather, Edmund Mallory, recently passed away and named her as the sole beneficiary. He never spoke about his childhood and Kyle is just now learning about her true family history Matt Simmons A travel and sailing free-lance writer for magazines. Known for his dry wit, Matt loves to play pranks on others. Friendly and likeable, he had planned on getting married in the Bahamas, but agreed to change his plans to make his fiancée, Kyler Mallory, happy. Kit Foley Matt's best friend and accomplice on sailing trips. Kit was born in the US and is the son of a Krolmeister Inc. VP. The company transferred the family to London when Kit was young, but he neve...

    • Brand: Her Interactive
    • ASIN: B001ANDJJU
    • UPC: 044113150689
    • Part No: 767861000692

  • Gothic Faux Stone Druid Gargoyle Rose Cross Top Cemetery Coffin Box Figurine

    This beautiful box measures 6" long, 2.75" wide and 1.75" high. The depth of the box is 1".Made of high quality polyresin, hand painted and polished.

  • Ebros Faux Stone Gothic Crouching Winged Gargoyle Statue with Solar LED Lantern Light Post 20" Tall Decor Figurine

    •This Stoic Guardian Gargoyle Statue measures approximately 20" Tall, 8" Wide and 6"Deep. It weighs about 5.75 pounds.•This Stoic Guardian Gargoyle Statue is Hand Painted and Polished individually, cast out of designer resin and polystone.•This LED lamp lantern is solar powered and the lantern has an On/Off Switch on the bottomside of the flap (turn the lantern upside down and you will see the switch). If you plan to use this figurine outdoors, you will need to UV coat this statue to avoid paint discoloration, chips and peels. Buy a clear, spray-on polyurethane product that states specifically that it provides UV protection. These products are readily available in your local hardware/paint stores.•A fierce watchdog for your Gothic home or patio, Abbadon readies himself to swoop from his architectural column perch and to punish wicked castle invaders at moments' notice!•This is an Ebros exclusive collection. Coke can placed next to the statue is not included with the listing. It is meant to provide size perspective of the item.

  • Bizarre Gothic Eureka Bat Winged Cat Gargoyle Figurine Sculpture Stoic Guardian Castle Top Stone Creature

    This sculpture is 7" tall, 5.5" wide and 4.5" deep approximately., Made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished, Because each piece is handcrafted, color tone may vary slightly from pictures.


    Collect this stoic gargoyle as your ward against evil in the dark. He is made of high quality resin, hand painted and polished with faux stone finish.

  • Ebros Gothic Winged Guardian Baby Goat Gargoyle Statue Faux Stone Resin Small 2.5" Tall Collectible Sculpture Figurine Renaissance Medieval Decor

    •This Gothic Baby Gargoyle Statue measures 2.5" tall, 2" long and 2" wide approximately. It weighs about 2 ounces.•This Gothic Baby Gargoyle Statue is made of durable composite resin, hand painted and polished individually.•This friendly baby goat will keep your belongings safe and sound. Originally designed to frighten off evil spirits, gargoyles make a great addition to any home.•This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection.

  • Gargoyle Stone Benches

    Spooky Town village accessory measures 3.78 inches.

  • Atlantic Collectibles Armored Winged Dragon Guardian Gargoyle Decorative Figurine 6.25"Tall

    This cool sculpture stands at 6.25" tall, 5.25" long and 4.5" deep approximately. It is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually. Color tone may vary from pictures. This stoic guardian dragon gargoyle comes alive in the night and guards his kingdom from evil forces. He will make a great decor for your shelves, desktops, corner tables or what have you!