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  • Historic Pictoric Structural Drawing HAER Utah,6-Lay.V,2AC- (Sheet 2 of 2) - Hill Field, Depot Supply Expansion Warehouse, 7513 Fifth Street, Layton, Davis County, UT 66in x 44in

    Hill Field, Depot Supply Expansion Warehouse, 7513 Fifth Street, Layton, Davis County, UT

    • Brand: Historic Pictoric
    • Part No: 359629_6644__HABS

  • Voice of the Chorus

    • ASIN: B0000BWVBZ
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  • The Germans in Normandy

    This account of the D-Day invasion—from the German point of view—includes maps and photos.   The Allied invasion of Northern France was the greatest combined operation in the history of warfare. Up until now, it has been recorded from the attackers’ point of view—whereas the defenders’ angle has been largely ignored.   While the Germans knew an invasion was inevitable, no one knew where or when it would fall. Those manning Hitler’s mighty Atlantic Wall may have felt secure in their bunkers, but they had no conception of the fury and fire that was about to break. After the initial assaults of June established an Allied bridgehead, a state of stalemate prevailed. The Germans fought with great courage—hindered by lack of supplies and overwhelming Allied control of the air. This book describes the catastrophe that followed, in a unique look at the war from the losing side.

    • ASIN: B00BCOW254

  • National Geographic Complete Birds of North America: Companion to the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America

    Essential, comprehensive, and easy to use, National Geographic Complete Book of Birds is an astonishing resource that covers every bird species in North America, as well as all the migrants that fly through. The entries are organized by family groups-an incredible 82 are included-according to the American Ornithological Union guidelines. Within a family, each separate bird entry has dozens of tips and illustrations on species' genders, age groups, behavior, habitats, nesting and feeding habits, and migration routes. Readers will also find unique features, such as:A quick-find index for the most common bird groups and a full glossaryStraightforward, accessible text by numerous birding experts, including National Geographic's resident birding consultant Jonathan AlderferHundreds of range and migration maps from renowned ornithologist Paul Lehman with National Geographic cartographersState-of-the-art, updated bird illustrations by expert artists, including Jonathan AlderferNew and original photographs from well-known bird photographers Kevin Karlson and Brian SmallPerfect for novice or experienced birders alike, National Geographic Complete Book of Birds is a definitive, must-have resource. Quite simply, there is no other volume like it.

    • Brand: Brand: National Geographic
    • ASIN: 0792241754
    • Part No: 9780792241751

  • Historic Pictoric Structural Drawing HAER Utah,6-Lay.V,2T- (Sheet 2 of 3) - Hill Field, Engine Test No. 2, 5822 Engine Lane, Layton, Davis County, UT 66in x 44in

    Hill Field, Engine Test No. 2, 5822 Engine Lane, Layton, Davis County, UT

    • Brand: Historic Pictoric
    • ASIN: B07T9JJBZY
    • Part No: 359626_6644__HABS

  • Ogden (Images of America: Utah)

    In 1845, Miles Goodyear founded a settlement at Fort Buenaventura, located near the confluence of the Weber and Ogden Rivers. The area was renamed Ogden in 1851 by Mormon Church president Brigham Young after Peter Skene Ogden, a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trapper. Ogden prospered as an agricultural town and then thrived with the arrival of the railroads, when the growing community, often referred to as “Junction City,” became a major railroad hub. Union Station became a well-known landmark surrounded by rowdy gambling houses and brothels as well as ethnically diverse residential neighborhoods. Since 1889, Ogden has also been an important center of higher education, and it is now home to Weber State University. World War II brought Ogden into the modern era as a transportation and military center with the establishment of Hill Air Field, Defense Depot Ogden, and the Naval Supply Depot.

    • Brand: Brand: Arcadia Publishing
    • ASIN: 0738558796
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  • Grasses of the Texas Hill Country : A Field Guide

    This photographic guide to grasses gives all who have been frustrated trying to identify these difficult plants an easy-to-use, visually precise, and information-packed field guide to seventy-seven native and introduced species that grow in the Texas Hill Country and beyond. With a blade of grass in hand, open this book and find: Handy thumb guides to seedhead type, the most visible distinguishing characteristic to begin identification. Color photographs of stands of grasses and detailed close-ups. Concise information about economic uses, habitat, range, and flowering season. Quick-reference icons for native status, toxicity, growing season, and grazing response

  • Birds of Utah Field Guide

    Make bird watching in Utah even more enjoyable! With this famous field guide by Stan Tekiela, bird identification is simple and informative. There's no need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don't live in Utah. This book features 130 species of Utah birds, organized by color for ease of use. Do you see a yellow bird and don't know what it is? Go to the yellow section to find out. Fact-filled information, a compare feature, range maps and detailed photographs help to ensure that you positively identify the birds that you see.

  • Woody Plants of Utah : A Field Guide with Identification Keys to Native and Naturalized Trees, Shrubs, Cacti, and Vines

    A comprehensive guide that includes a vast range of species and plant communities and employs thorough, original keys. Based primarily on vegetative characteristics, the keys don't require that flowers or other reproductive features be present, like many plant guides. And this guide's attention to woody plants as a whole allows one to identify a much greater variety of plants. That especially suits an arid region such as Utah with less diverse native trees. Woody plants are those that have stems that persist above ground even through seasons that don't favor growth, due to low precipitation or temperatures. Woody Plants of Utah employs dichotomous identification keys that are comparable to a game of twenty questions. They work through a process of elimination by choosing sequential alternatives. Detailed, illustrated plant descriptions complement the keys and provide additional botanical and environmental information in relation to a useful introductory categorization of Utah plant communities. Supplementary tools include photos, distribution maps, and an illustrated glossary.

  • NCAA 48" x 60" Tapestry Throw Home Field Advantage Series- Utah

    This soft and warm tapestry throw is perfect for fans of all ages. Made from 100 percent acrylic and vibrantly colored, the tapestry throw is a great way to show your team spirit at home or on the go.

  • 50 Climbs (by Bike) in Utah : A Guide to Cycling Climbing and the State's Greatest Hill Climbs

    Want to get to the top of the mountain by bike in scenic Utah? 50 Climbs (By Bike) in Utah can help as it includes everything you need to tackle the state's biggest paved challenges along with the description and location of the most difficult climbs. The guide also contains other worthy ascents along with tons of data on each. Utah provides some of the most spectacular and varied terrain on earth, so climb on and enjoy the ride! 50 Climbs (By Bike) In Utah is the first book to cover in detail the state's greatest cycling ascents. Actually covering more than 50 uphill challenges, it includes detail on the route, statistics such as length, elevation gain and grade along with appendices that include climb rankings and additional data. There is also a section on improving climbing ability. Cycling has increased in popularity in recent years in Utah. In addition, the annual week long professional stage race held in the state, the Tour of Utah, which always includes many big hills, d

  • Utah Wildflowers : Field Guide to the Northern and Central Mountains and Valleys

    A visual guide to the wildflowers that inhabit the mountains and valleys of northern and central Utah every spring and summer. A must for the hiker, biker, or lover of the outdoors. Includes over 100 full-color photographs.