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  • Art in Process: A Work of Persol

    The legendary Italian eyewear company Persol invited 17 young artists to make works that lay bare the creative process. Art in Process charts the projects' development through interviews, photographs and art by Harriet Russell, Anne Hardy, Mustafa Hulusi, Wilfrid Almendra, Guillaume Leblon and Amanda Ross-Ho, among others.

    • ASIN: 8875702470

  • The Life Steve McQueen

    The Life Steve McQueen explores and celebrates the films, racing, style and overall life that made Steve McQueen The King of Cool and an enduring icon. Steve McQueen remains the embodiment of cool some three decades after his death. Whether on the silver screen, racing a Triumph motorcycle across a California desert, dueling with other racers at Le Mans, or simply hanging with his pals, McQueen exuded an effortless style that belied his rough and tumble past. It’s a trick that ensures he continues to appear in advertising and pop culture all the while embraced by cinema, racing, and motorcycle fans as one of their own. He remains the ultimate guy’s guy.The Life Steve McQueen explores and celebrates the memorable aspects of McQueen’s life that, taken as a whole, defined the man and cemented his reputation as a Hollywood rebel and risk taker. Peppered with period photos, illustrations, posters, and more, The Life Steve McQueen surveys the movie roles, racing, personal style, art, and pop culture that all combined to crown the King of Cool and ensure his legacy.

    • Brand: Steve McQueen
    • ASIN: 0760358117
    • Part No: AB7712

  • Moon Manual (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual)

    There is renewed interest in the Moon in recent years, with the news that a Chinese lunar rover landed on the Moon in January 2014, and NASA announcing that it is looking for private partners to land a robot on the Moon's surface, as the first step in a programme to exploit the commercial opportunities offered by the Moon. Recent lunar expeditions by both orbiting spacecraft and 'landers' have uncovered far more detail about the Moon's surface and geology, including the trail of Neil Armstrong's first walk on the Moon in 1969. This manual explains in simple and straightforward terms, with a wealth of illustrations and photographs, what we have discovered about the Moon over the centuries, along with a general overview of the vehicles involved in the exploration.

    • Brand: imusti
    • ASIN: 0857338269
    • Part No: 200

  • Persol Men's PO9649S-96/56-52 Brown Oval Sunglasses

    Planning on spending some time in the sun? You'll look great with these Persol men's sunglasses. These awesome shades come with blue colored lenses. They are equipped with uva/uvb to protect your eyes against sun damage while giving you a cool style that will help you stand out in any setting. The brown frames go great with the lenses. They should fit securely and comfortably so you'll be ready to get stuff done without the distraction of irritatingly bright sunlight. The look is practical as well as stylish. Whether you're working or having fun they will help you towards accomplishing anything you need to get done outside. The plastic frames should last for a good while keeping your eyesight strong and clear in the bright sun.

  • Persol Men's Mirrored PO3108S-96/56-49 Brown Round Sunglasses

    Extremely flattering for all face shapes and sizes these sophisticated sunglasses by Persol will be perfect for any stylish man. These sleek tortoiseshell plastic will be perfect for work a date night or a Saturday with the boys. The blue glass provide the best visibility during long summer days. Feel like a complete rock star while wearing these Persol shades. They feature a shape that will not only set you apart but have you feel like you just spent a million dollars. Confidence is key with these amazing sunglasses.

  • PERSOL Sunglasses PO 9649S 1023M3 Fuoco E Ardesia 52MM

    PERSOL Sunglasses PO 9649S 1023M3 Fuoco E Ardesia 52MM

  • Persol Men's PO3048S-95/31-55 Black Rectangle Sunglasses

    Everyone's got a different style. From hipster to boho-chic to grungy to elegant there's an accessory for every kind of flair and these sweet shades by Persol fit the fun and casual category according to our book. If you're a guy who likes to keep it relaxed but still tasteful then we're sure you will love this pair. They're the kind you can take with you no matter what type of situation or environment you're in whether on the job out with your boys causing mischief or meeting that new girl you met last week at your favorite coffee joint. They feature a rectangle shape that always makes for a good look and their green plastic lenses provide crystal clear vision and a swanky appearance. The black frames are a hybrid of unique and refined and are made with solid plastic so you can be confident that they will endure. No matter where you are these shades are fitting for the occasion. They're fun and sharp in appearance and go perfect with a man with a laid-back swagger. Get these Persol stunners if you're ready for a wardrobe upgrade that is sure to make you stand out! Made in Italy. DO: expect to get attention whenever you've got these shades on keep track of them keep them in their designated case flaunt them every chance you get wear them wherever you go know that you're going to get an unusual amount of attention and tell people where you got them. DON'T: leave them at home forget that they're in your back pocket get in a fist-fight while these are on your face go skinny-dipping in them or let your best friend borrow them (because he won't give them back).

  • PERSOL Sunglasses PO3108S 102071 Striped Grey 47MM

    PERSOL Sunglasses PO3108S 102071 Striped Grey 47MM

  • Persol PO8649S-24/31-53 Brown Aviator Sunglasses

    Sunglasses aren't just a way to protect your vision and the sensitive skin around your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. They're a cultural symbol of cool. Even among their designer peers the cool factor of Persol women?s sunglasses is undeniable. In particular every pair of the boasts a flattering . Their appeal has withstood constantly evolving fashion trends and fickle tastes. The best sunglasses endure through the ages and the timeless design and quality materials in every pair of women?s sunnies from Persol exemplifies this rule. The line from Persol is especially eye-catching ? pun intended. A soft bridge complements the oversized round lenses and is further enhanced by sleek metal temples and tone-on-tone temple tips. But what truly makes these women?s sunglasses stand out is their brown glass lenses which offer a number of practical and fashion benefits. These innovative lenses and plastic frames pair the latest in materials technology with stylish sensibilities. The result is lightweight uva/uvb protection that feels and looks great. Protect your eyes by reducing strain eliminating glare enhancing contrast and improving visual clarity and look cool doing it. Try out a pair of Persol shades today.

  • PERSOL Sunglasses PO3151S 95/58 Black 49MM

    PERSOL Sunglasses PO3151S 95/58 Black 49MM