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  • Software Patterns, Knowledge Maps, and Domain Analysis

    Software design patterns are known to play a vital role in enhancing the quality of software systems while reducing development time and cost. However, the use of these design patterns has also been known to introduce problems that can significantly reduce the stability, robustness, and reusability of software. This book introduces a new process for creating software design patterns that leads to highly stable, reusable, and cost-effective software. The basis of this new process is a topology of software patterns called knowledge maps. This book provides readers with a detailed view of the art and practice of creating meaningful knowledge maps. It demonstrates how to classify software patterns within knowledge maps according to their application rationale and nature. It provides readers with a clear methodology in the form of step-by-step guidelines, heuristics, and quality factors that simplify the process of creating knowledge maps. This book is designed to allow readers to master the basics of knowledge maps from their theoretical aspects to practical application. It begins with an overview of knowledge map concepts and moves on to knowledge map goals, capabilities, stable design patterns, development scenarios, and case studies. Each chapter of the book concludes with an open...

    • ASIN: 1466571438
    • Part No: 100 black & white illustrations, 27 blac

  • Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence - Ascension - PlayStation 4

    Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence - Ascension highlights some of the most epic battles and notable events of Sengoku Era Japan, when myriads of military officers and lords fought for domination over the land. Players will be able to experience all the events that led from the fracture of the country to the establishments of clans and the forming of alliances before the inevitable clash that led to the emergence of the first Shogunate. Allowing for deeper immersion and insight into these events as well as providing a closer look at the development of strongholds and armies, Ascension provides players with the extra option to begin the game from the position of an officer and ascend through the ranks to become an important warlord-perhaps even the overlord of Japan! Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence - Ascension will also offer history aficionados the opportunity to experience that same era as a historically-accurate simulation game. Players will be able to take control of their favorite officers and lords, as Ascension boasts a massive array of over 2000 diverse characters to choose from. A number of well-known individuals will offer unique events and exclusive missions, with special attention given to Yukimura Sanada, the famous Japanese samurai whom many of his time...

    • Brand: Koei Tecmo
    • UPC: 040198002837
    • Part No: 0283

  • I Bury the Living [Blu-ray]

    A Creature to Freeze Your Blood! A Story to Chill Your Soul! Through a series of chilling coincidences, the newly-elected director of a cemetery (Richard Boone) begins to believe that he can cause the deaths of living owners of burial plots by merely changing the push-pin color from white (living) to black (dead) on a large wall map of the cemetery. This chilling tale is co-produced and director by cult filmmaker, and father to Empire/Full Moon founder Charles, Albert Band (Dracula’s Dog, Ghoulies II).

    • Brand: Shout! Factory
    • ASIN: B01MT6BAQX
    • UPC: 826663174748
    • Part No: unknown

  • White Christmas

    • ASIN: B000IBUOX4

  • Fluke Networks MS2-100 MicroScanner2 Copper Cable Verifier with Built-In IntelliTone Toning, Troubleshoots RJ11,RJ45, Coax, Tests 10/100/1000Base-T, and VoiP

    Industrial Ethernet applications. Cables often fail in harsh industrial environments where cables are exposed to vibration, extreme flexing, moisture, expansion and contraction from temperature change. Failures result in costly production downtime so it’s important to quickly identify where the cable is broken so it can be replaced or repaired. MS2-100 performs continuity tests on all wires in a few seconds and displays results graphically so you can see opens, shorts, and cross wires. It also reports which end of the cable has a problem and reports the distance to an open connection within the cable.

    • Color: yellow
    • Brand: Fluke Networks
    • ASIN: B000QJ3G42
    • UPC: 754082054368
    • Part No: MS2-100

  • Complete English Grammar Rules: Examples, Exceptions, Exercises, and Everything You Need to Master Proper Grammar (The Farlex Grammar Book Book 1)

    Finally, all the rules of English grammar in one comprehensive book, explained in simple terms.The grammar book for the 21st century has arrived, from the language experts at Farlex International and, the trusted reference destination with 1 billion+ annual visits. Farlex brings you the most comprehensive grammar guide yet: all the rules of English grammar, explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Over 500 pages of proper grammar instruction—2X more than the leading grammar book! Whether you're an expert or a beginner, there's always something new to learn when it comes to the always-evolving English language. Don't rely on multiple incomplete textbooks that contradict each other—fill in all the gaps in your grammar knowledge with one go-to guide. Only Complete English Grammar Rules gives you key exceptions, common grammar mistakes, thousands of real-world examples, and hundreds of grammar quizzes designed to help you retain what you've learned.With Complete English Grammar Rules, you'll be able to: • Quickly master basic English grammar and tackle more advanced topics.• Properly use every type of noun, verb, and even the most obscure grammar elements.• Master verb tenses, including irregular verbs and exceptions. • Avoid embarrassing gramm...

    • ASIN: B01IIU5LF2

  • Horizon Zero Dawn - PlayStation 4

    Take on the role of skilled hunter Aloy as you explore a lush world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures in an exhilarating new Action/RPG exclusively for the PlayStation4 System.

    • Brand: Sony
    • ASIN: B00ZQC73O8
    • UPC: 711719503484
    • Part No: 711719503484

  • English Language Arts Domain Mini Bulletin Board Set : Specific Vocabulary Words

    The eight-board English Language Arts Domain-Specific Vocabulary Words Mini Bulletin Board Set features 48 English language arts vocabulary words with definitions that are die-cut to be punched apart for use as study cards. They can also be displayed as a set.

  • Domain Modeling Made Functional : Tackle Software Complexity with Domain-Driven Design and F#

    You want increased customer satisfaction, faster development cycles, and less wasted work. Domain-driven design (DDD) combined with functional programming is the innovative combo that will get you there. In this pragmatic, down-to-earth guide, you'll see how applying the core principles of functional programming can result in software designs that model real-world requirements both elegantly and concisely - often more so than an object-oriented approach. Practical examples in the open-source F# functional language, and examples from familiar business domains, show you how to apply these techniques to build software that is business-focused, flexible, and high quality. Domain-driven design is a well-established approach to designing software that ensures that domain experts and developers work together effectively to create high-quality software. This book is the first to combine DDD with techniques from statically typed functional programming. This book is perfect for newcomers to DDD or functional programming - all the techniques you need will be introduced and explained. Model a complex domain accurately using the F# type system, creating compilable code that is also readable documentation---ensuring that the code and design never get out of sync. Encode business rules in the design so that you have "compile-time unit tests," and eliminate many potential bugs by making illegal states unrepresentable. Assemble a series of small, testable functions into a complete use case, and compose these individual scenarios into a large-scale design. Discover why the combination of functional programming and DDD leads naturally to service-oriented and hexagonal architectures. Finally, create a functional domain model that works with traditional databases, NoSQL, and event stores, and safely expose your domain via a website or API. Solve real problems by focusing on real-world requirements for your software. What You Need: The code in this book is designed to be run interactively on Windows, Mac and Linux.You will need a recent version of F# (4.0 or greater), and the appropriate .NET runtime for your platform.Full installation instructions for all platforms at

  • Kappa Map Study Pads - World

    Great for all-purpose student use, each pad contains 50 paper sheets, two sided. The Political World Map is fully-labeled on side 1 and a duplicate unlabeled map on side 2. Perfect for testing. 18 x 12 pad.

  • National Geographic Maps World Decorator Wall Map

    Features: -Paper maps come rolled in cardboard tube, laminated maps come in a protective sleeve. -Winkel Tripel projection to reduce distortion. -Insets show vegetation and landforms. -Standard Scale = 1:36,384,000. -Enlarged Scale = 1:23,100,000. -Made in the USA. Product Type: -World Map. Multiple Maps: -Yes. Laminated: -Yes. Colors: -Traditional Blue. Style: -Traditional/Political. Dimensions: Map Type Standard Size (31"H x 46"W) - Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -31". Map Type Standard Size (31"H x 46"W) - Overall Width - Side to Side: -46". Map Type Enlarged (48"H x 73"W) - Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -48". Map Type Enlarged (48"H x 73"W) - Overall Width - Side to Side: -73".

  • Lake District Visitors Map

    Books : Lake District Visitors Map (A-Z Visitors Map) (Map)