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  • The Crying of Lot 49 (Perennial Fiction Library)

    Thomas Pynchon's classic post-modern satire, which tells the wonderfully unusual story of Oedipa Maas, first published in 1965.When her ex-lover, wealthy real-estate tycoon Pierce Inverarity dies and designates her the co-executor of his estate, California housewife Oedipa Mass is thrust into a paranoid mystery of metaphors, symbols, and the United States Postal Service. Traveling across Southern California, she meets some extremely interesting characters, and attains a not-inconsiderable amount of self-knowledge.

    • Brand: Thomas Pynchon
    • ASIN: 006091307X
    • Part No: 9780060913076

  • Unsheltered: A Novel

    • Brand: Harper
    • ASIN: 0062684566

  • Gravity's Rainbow (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

    A Penguin ClassicWinner of the 1973 National Book Award, Gravity's Rainbow is a postmodern epic, a work as exhaustively significant to the second half of the twentieth century as Joyce's Ulysses was to the first. Its sprawling, encyclopedic narrative and penetrating analysis of the impact of technology on society make it an intellectual tour de force. This Penguin Classics deluxe edition features a specially designed cover by Frank Miller along with french claps and deckle-edged paper.For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

    • Brand: Penguin Books
    • ASIN: 0143039946
    • Part No: 9780143039945

  • Vinland Saga 3

    Soon to be a major anime series from the makers of Attack on Titan! A BLOODY COMING OF AGEIn a gambit to become the power behind the Danish and English thrones, Askeladd has taken the prince, Canute, and plunged deep into a winter storm behind enemy lines. Canute's father, King Sweyn, gives him up for dead in his haste to suppress English resistance. But Askeladd's small band can't outrun the tenacious maniac Thorkell forever, and when the warriors finally clash, a storm of sweat and gore ensues that will turn a boy into a man and a hostage into a ruler of men!"Gripping doesn’t begin to describe Vinland Saga. 5 stars.” – ICv2"Deeply engrossing… If you have any interest at all in Vikings, the Medieval period, or pirates, this is not a series you want to miss.” – Anime News Network"For those who love Berserk, you’ll love this too... Worth the long wait." – A Case Suitable for TreatmentFrom the acclaimed author of Planetes

    • Brand: imusti
    • ASIN: 1612624227
    • UPC: 783324861792
    • Part No: 21607512

  • Vinland Saga 4

    A KING IS BORNPushed to the brink of despair after his father attempted to have him killed, Prince Canute has experienced an awakening, transforming him from a timid, gentle boy into a clear-eyed man with the heart of a king. But a king needs a crown, and Canute now knows that nothing will be given to him. If he wants to rule, he will have to prove his ruthlessness with a plot that will change the fate of the kingdom and spatter the throne with blood! Meanwhile, Thorfinn watches events unfold that could steal away the vengeance he has waited so long to achieve…

    • Brand: imusti
    • ASIN: 1612624235
    • Part No: YES12391190

  • Vinland Saga 6

    WITHIN THE KING’S GRASPAs Canute plots to become ruler of the entire Danish world, Thorfinn’s only ambition is to see a harvest profitable enough to buy his own life back. But the fates of prince and slave will come together once again, as Canute plans to seize Ketil Farm from its kindhearted master. What sinister tricks does the have up his sleeve, and could they dash Thorfinn’s hopes for freedom? Meanwhile, Einar’s infatuation with Arnheid takes an unexpected turn when her former husband – an escaped slave – barges onto the farm, insisting she run away with him…“A fascinating, violent, and moving story [that’s] firmly among other timeless classics… Seriously, I don't know how many different ways I can say this manga is worth reading.” -Kotaku

    • Brand: Kodansha Comics
    • ASIN: 1612628036
    • Part No: illustrations

  • V. (Perennial Classics)

    The wild, macabre tale of the twentieth century and of two men - one looking for something he has lost, the other with nothing much to lose - and "V.," the unknown woman of the title.

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Harper Perennial Modern Classics
    • ASIN: 0060930217
    • Part No: 22414634

  • Vineland

    Zoyd Wheeler's old nemesis arrives in Vineland hoping to use Zoyd's daughter as a pawn to track down Zoyd's ex-wife

  • Vineland - eBook

    “Later than usual one summer morning in 1984 . . .” On California’s fog-hung North Coast, the enchanted redwood groves of Vineland County harbor a wild assortment of sixties survivors and refugees from the “Nixonian Reaction,” still struggling with the consequences of their past lives. Aging hippie freak Zoyd Wheeler is revving up for his annual act of televised insanity when news reaches that his old nemesis, sinister federal agent Brock Vond, has come storming into Vineland at the head of a heavily armed Justice Department strike force. Zoyd instantly disappears underground, but not before dispatching his teenage daughter Prairie on a dark odyssey into her secret, unspeakable past. . . .Freely combining disparate elements from American popular culture—spy thrillers, ninja potboilers, TV soap operas, sci-fi fantasies—Vineland emerges as what Salman Rushdie has called in The New York Times Book Review “that rarest of birds: a major political novel about what America has been doing to itself, to its children, all these many years.”

  • Vineland

    Books : Vineland (Paperback)

  • I LOVE VINELAND, NEW JERSEY Street Sign nj city state us wall road décor gift

    Love the city you're in or just your favorite place to visit. This is the perfect gift for a recreation or child’s room, even great for a Man Cave! They're the ideal gift for a Housewarming, Secret Santa, or Office Holiday party. Measuring 6” tall and 24” wide with mounting holes and made of weatherproof plastic with premium grade vinyl that lasts a lifetime indoors or 5 years outdoors without rusting or fading. All our signs are proudly made in our US plant and in stock for immediate shipment, usually the next business day. Check out all our other signs, we have the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Vineland 12756 6 in. Corrugated Circle Top, White - Case of 500

    To create and ideate craft ideas is a very fulfilling experience. Art and craft can be very therapeutic and can help bring out the artist or hobbyist in you. Embark on your creative journey by making a selection from the widest range of arts and crafts supplies from us.FeaturesCorrugated circle topCase of 500SpecificationsColor: WhiteSize: 6"Weight: 12 lbs- SKU: CHCP10114

  • Vineland 12759 9 in. Corrugated Circle Top, White - Case of 250

    To create and ideate craft ideas is a very fulfilling experience. Art and craft can be very therapeutic and can help bring out the artist or hobbyist in you. Embark on your creative journey by making a selection from the widest range of arts and crafts supplies from us.FeaturesCorrugated circle topCase of 250SpecificationsColor: WhiteSize: 9"Weight: 14 lbs- SKU: CHCP10115

  • A Walking Tour of Vineland, New Jersey - eBook

    There is no better way to see America than on foot. And there is no better way to appreciate what you are looking at than with a walking tour. This walking tour of Vineland, New Jersey is ready to explore when you are. Each walking tour describes historical, architectural landmarks, cultural sites and ecclesiastic touchstones and provides step-by-step directions.Every tour also includes a quick primer on identifying architectural styles seen on American streets.Everything about Vineland was the vision of one man - Charles Kline Landis. Landis was a Philadelphian trained as a lawyer who helped found the town of Hammonton on the Camden and Atlantic Railroad in 1857 when he was only 24 years old. Hammonton flourished rapidly and Landis next set his sights on creating his own town, an ideal utopian of a town. It would be a place of verdant fields of fruits and vegetables, a land of vines.He searched much of New Jersey and heard about a new rail line connecting Millville to Glassboro. Rail service was a key to his plans both the transport newcomers to this town (there weren’t many roads in South Jersey at the the time) and also to send all that produce out to market. He talked his way into acquiring 16,000 acres of primarily swampland from Richard Wood for no money down and no interest for three years. The cost was $7.00 an acre and Wood would get a cut as the land was sold by Landis.And land would come from Landis with strings aplenty attached. First, a house had to be constructed within one year. At least 2 1/2 acres of land must be cleared and cultivated each year. Speculators need not apply. Landis plotted out his land around the rail line with farms and orchards around one square mile in the center that would harbor development for factories, shops, homes, schools, churches and halls for recreation. The streets in this core would be laid out in a perfect grid of right angles and wide - the primary roads would be 100 feet wide. The names of Plum and Almond and Peach and Pear that Landis created still survive todayLandis put 20- and 50-acre tracts for sale at from $15 to $30 per acre, payable within four years. To advertise his lots he placed ads in the biggest New York and Boston and Philadelphia newspapers. When he discovered the soil was especially suited for growing grapes he started America’s first Italian-language newspaper to attract grape growers.Vineland may have been his utopia but that wasn’t enough for the restless Landis. He would move on to develop the town of Sea Isle City at the shore and created Landisville which he saw as the hub of a new state county. That vision never came to pass but we will explore what became of his great experiment of Vineland and we will concentrate on Landis Avenue, which the founder staked out next to the railroad to be an extra-wide, tree-lined avenue along the lines of the Champs-Elysee in Paris...